A Whole Systems Approach

There are many words for the work that we do here, but we have intentionally chosen Neurotherapy for its broadness.  Our aim is to effect health and quality of life using methods that address the brain and central nervous system (CNS).  The brain and CNS govern so many functions that intervention there can be very effective.  This is sometimes called a top down approach, but we also take a look at what’s happening from the bottom up, since if the brain isn’t getting what it needs, that has to be addressed as well.

We prefer a whole systems approach.  We look at your total health and intervene wherever necessary.  We use your goals to guide the therapy.  As you can imagine, this is very broad in scope, we will be looking specifically at EEG activity, and, at diet, at deficiencies in blood or hormonal function.  All your physiological functions are connected, so, a therapy for brain and CNS may be dietary, it may be one of many types of neurofeedback, it may be light therapy, breathing, you name it!

The brain is an alert and narcissistic organ.   It is constantly monitoring what is happening around it, and considering anything that relates to its function.  This is how it is possible to work with it.  We have many databases now that show us what healthy and unhealthy brain function looks like so we can compare where your brain function is, and where we would like it to be.  There are decades of science behind most everything we do here.

One of the best aspects of neurotherapy is that as we are shifting sub-optimal brain function in the direction of healthier function, the effects are felt as positive quality of life improvements.  What the EEG shows will (generally) match your symptomology.