How can I know if my child’s brain is healthy and developing normally? If he or she is having problems with learning or behavior could it have something to do with brain health? If so, how do I find out the cause and what will make it better? Learning, cognitive development and emotional maturation require a healthy brain. So does growing up to be a happy well-adjusted adult. What does science tell us are the ‘ingredients’ necessary for a healthy brain? How do we reliably know if our children have them? What science-based (‘evidence-based’) help is available for remediation when necessary? There is a large body of scientific evidence indicating that the commonly used brain-altering medications do more harm than good in the long run, and that this is contributing to the shocking increase in disability due to mental illness (see Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker) . [...]

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The Argument Against Marijuana

We thought it important to write up a little something in the argument against marijuana, mostly because very few people seem to be aware of any issues with its use. While we see no problem with occasional recreational use of marijuana, and some medical uses, there are issues with long time and regular use. Because marijuana is used medically there is a misconception that it is safe and even beneficial to use marijuana. While some derivatives of the plant are being used skillfully by the medical community (CBD), this post refers to the use of "regular, old fashioned" pot. Here are some important reasons marijuana use is problematic. Marijuana is very helpful for certain side effects for people who have illnesses such as cancer, however "regular" marijuana is not optimal for people with cancer because while it may take away nausea and some other side effects, it also suppresses [...]

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Ten Tips For Do It Yourself Health

A friend recently asked me for 10 health tips.  I believe in fully exploring a person’s health history and creating a targeted approach, however there are some things that everyone can do for better health, they are as follows: Ten Tips for do it yourself health: Obtaining better health is like steering an aircraft carrier, you turn the wheel and then wait patiently as the ship turns over the course of the next TWO MILES! Set intentions and support yourself as you stick with it.  Go for long term efforts over short term bursts.  Consider what you would like to be different, and then research and choose healthy lifestyle changes that will get you there.  Check in with your progress every 2 weeks.  Get support. At every moment we are the culmination of all our previous decisions. If we are making 20% good decisions about our health then we won’t [...]

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