1. We thought it important to write up a little something in the argument against marijuana, mostly because very few people seem to be aware of any issues with its use. While we see no problem with occasional recreational use of marijuana, and some medical uses, there are issues with long time and regular use. Because marijuana is used medically there is a misconception that it is safe and even beneficial to use marijuana. While some derivatives of the plant are being used skillfully by the medical community (CBD), this post refers to the use of “regular, old fashioned” pot. Here are some important reasons marijuana use is problematic. Marijuana is very helpful for certain side effects for people who have illnesses such as cancer, however “regular” marijuana is not optimal for people with cancer because while it may take away nausea and some other side effects, it also suppresses the immune system which is very problematic for people with cancer. Care should be taken that the forms used are formulated specifically to promote hunger or pain relief, and that none of the immuno-suppressive qualities remain. The 2010 study published in the European Journal of Immunology shows a proliferation of a class of white blood cells that suppress the immune system, called Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC). This would make marijuana a helpful drug in cases where immune suppression was warranted such as in organ transplantation, but very worrisome for those with other illnesses.
  2. Marijuana use promotes estrogen and inflammation (think of the stoner with “man-boobs”), sadly for those using it for depression, marijuana promotes neuroinflammation, the leading cause of depression and the hardest one to treat. And, here are what the studies show for the EEG. According to Jay Gunkelman of Brain Science International: “There is increased frontal alpha, with increased frontal interhemispheric hypercoherence and phase synchrony. These findings are reported in chronic exposures. Effects on the evoked potentials have been noted as well.” What does this mean… think of the stereotype of a “stoner”, you have less processing power. It may make you feel good for a while if you’re anxious, but it will make it difficult to do much processing later on.

Please keep this in mind when choosing the frequency with which to use marijuana.